Custom-made lettering



Capsule collection realized with the brand marianna ladreyt. The lettering that was printed on the fabrics to make the pieces takes up the word "Hephaistos" and was made from the width of fabric needed to produce the collection. HEPHAISTOS collection evoke the mythology linked to the eponymous greek god. Focussing on the elements to which he is assimilated, and particularly the volcano, the lava, the perpetual movement of the materials and the intense profusion of its colors. The lettering design is as if sinked, forged and assembled in the still hot material of a moving lava. The “O” -which was drawn in the shape of a face in profile- embodies the presence of this deity, that of the blacksmith and the steelworker, but also symbolically evokes the representation of the god on the reliefs of Antiquity. A formal encounter is thus created between the drapes of the pieces of the collection, the shapes of its print and the treatment of its colorization. Printing on silk crepe and dye-sublimation on optical white lycra.

LII Logotype


Logotype designed for Chinese leather goods designer Kexuan Lii and his brand LII, whose pieces are designed in Paris and manufactured in Italy. Inspired by "[…] the shape of leaves, the colour of flowers, the lines of mountains or the feel of the wind […]" in his work; the spirit of the logo was designed to resonate with these elements, using pure and radical geometric shapes, such as the circle and the square, thus creating a visual shift between the components.



Born Warm is the first solo album by Diane Sagnier, singer and guitarist of the French electro-pop band Camp Claude. The lettering on the cover follows the lines of the foliage and plays with the hidden-unveiled nature of the photo. Its organic look is accentuated by the contrast of the letters’ heights, which frame the portrait.

Support magazine logotype


Support magazine, a media and curation agency dedicated to contemporary drawing, uses a different, custom-designed logo for each issue. The logo for Support #2 was entirely drawn digitally, imitating a hand-made composed paper cutout.






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